Compelling Reasons To Schedule Dental Cleanings

womanquestionsquareSurely, you can think of a very long list of exciting ways to spend your time and getting your teeth cleaned is probably not one of them. While we understand it may not be your favorite way to spend a small portion of your day, we think you may feel a bit more enthusiastic about scheduling dental cleanings to protect your smile if you just knew a little more about them. For a better understanding of why cleanings are so important, become familiar with some very compelling reasons to remember to schedule one every six months.

They’re Comfortable – Why Not?

You will not require any numbing because we use gentle techniques. First, we will carefully yet thoroughly remove the plaque from your tooth surfaces and from beneath your gumline with professional dental instruments. We will then polish your teeth for a shining, refreshed smile.

They Protect Against Cavity Formation

The main cause of tooth decay is plaque that remains on your teeth. It quickly hardens and erodes your tooth tissue. Plaque is full of bacteria that release acids while in your mouth. After enough softening from these acids, your tooth tissue will collapse, resulting in a cavity. Allow us to remove plaque and you greatly increase your ability to avoid tooth decay and fillings.

Cleanings Protect Against Gum Disease, Too

About that plaque and those acids – when plaque rests beneath your gumline, these substances result in inflammation. When neglected, they may lead to swelling and infection, also known as gum disease. By visiting us for plaque removal during your dental cleaning, you also protect yourself against periodontal problems.

They Improve Home Hygiene Effectiveness

If you are brushing and flossing every day but you have not allowed us to remove the plaque you cannot address on your own, you are not providing yourself the best foundation for effective home care. Combine home efforts with dental cleanings and you will find your attempts much more efficient and worthwhile.


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