Dental Care Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Woman Excited to Receive Dental Care Gifts for ChristmasChristmas is less than two weeks away and there are sure to be a few people on your list who you haven’t found the right gift for yet. Rather than waste money on plastic knick-knacks or sugary candies, why not take a trip down the dental care aisle at your local grocery superstore? You’re sure to find a wide variety of Christmas gifts perfect for just about everyone on your list.

Gift Ideas for Kids

Whether you’ve got children of your own or you have freinds or relatives with children, dental care items provide a fun, healthy, and age-appropriate gift idea. Some readily available options include:

  • Electric toothbrushes featuring beloved cartoon characters like Dora the Explorer or Spiderman
  • Light-up toothbrushes
  • Decorate-it-yourself toothbrushes that come with sheet sof stickers to personalize tooth brushing time
  • Musical toothbrushes play a two-minute snippet of a favorite song to help older children make sure they brush for two minutes

During the holidays, you can usually find character-themed gift box sets in the seasonal gift section. These box sets often include toothbrushes, kid’s mothwash, flossers, and toothpaste.

Smile Care Gifts for Your Special Someone

Depending on who you’re buying for, your dental care gift for adults can run the gamut from awesome to amazing:

  • Sonic toothbrushes, like Sonicare, are a bit high-end but provide years of exceptional teeth cleaning. They make a great gift for your spouse, significant other, or even a parent.
  • Teeth whitening products might send the wrong signal (“Are you implying my teeth look yellow?!”) so only give the gift of teeth whitening products (or, even better, a teeth whitening kit from your dentist) if the giftee has expressed an interest in whitening their teeth.

Gifts for Co-Workers

If you work in an environment that’s a bit more relaxed or laidback, consider gag gifts like ranch flavored dental floss or bacon, pickle, or cupcake flavored toothpaste. Of course, if you decide to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with sugarfree gum or decorative tins of sugarfree mints or sour candies.

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