Drink Soda, Avoid It, Or Learn To Sip Safely?

You may feel as though you love soda so much, the idea of giving it up sounds terrible! However, you love your oral health, too, so when you consider the best pathway, you know that protecting your teeth is essential. Or, you may not really care too much about soda, so you wonder if it would be better to just say goodbye to it without a second thought. Wherever you lie on the spectrum of soda passion, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you of a couple important things. First, soda is bad for your smile. Second, there are a variety of ways to approach protecting yourself from its negative effects, so let’s get exploring!

Drinking It Without Worry

Let’s say you’re someone who drinks your soda without worrying about it. At all. It’s just part of your daily or weekly life! We understand that you may really love this beverage but we remind you that when you consume soda this way, you’re definitely headed for oral health problems. “Even if I drink diet?” you may ask. Yes, even if that is the case. All types of this drink are known for their acidic pH, which means every time you drink them, they contribute to damage to your enamel. When sugar is present, think of this drink as extra dangerous. The types of problems you can expect over time primarily include tooth decay, staining, and the erosion of your outer tooth layer.

Avoiding It Altogether

Now, let’s say that you avoid soda altogether. While we are well aware that some patients may not want to do this, we do want you to recognize that this helps you avoid one of the most acidic items you may be consuming every day (alongside things like juice, which is also extremely acidic). By keeping it out of your home and away from your smile, you offer yourself that much more oral health protection by not bathing teeth in acids.

Sipping More Safely

If you don’t want to give up soda but you are concerned about your oral health, remember, you simply want to limit the contact between acids and teeth. Try drinking with a straw. Don’t nurse your soda. Remember to rinse with water when you’re through!

Additional Questions…

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