It’s Just One Missing Tooth. Not A Problem. Right?

missingTActually any amount, from one to several, missing teeth can present a host of problems. The first and most noticeable issue for the patient is that it becomes more difficult to chew. Just one missing or broken tooth affects your ability to chew and what types of foods you can eat. It is harder to chew meat, crunchy vegetables, and nuts. It can also cause discomfort when you try to eat these things. However, the most noticeable issue for people looking at you is that…well… you are missing a tooth. A missing tooth mars your smile, but it does much more than that. So if you’re thinking It’s just one missing tooth. Not a problem. Right?” Wrong.

The Negatives of a Missing Tooth

Just one missing tooth can cause a number of problems that are not only dental:

Facial sagging: A missing tooth can change the look of your face. It is similar to what happens to a fully edentulous patient. You have probably noticed that their lips and face sink in because there are no teeth for the skin to lean against. This can begin to happen when you are missing only one tooth. You can begin to develop facial sagging and an aged look.

Jawbone atrophy: Another more serious problem is jawbone atrophy. The roots of your teeth within your jawbone help keep your jawbone healthy and functional. However, when you lose a tooth your jawbone will begin to shrink (atrophy) in that area. As your skin sags in, your jawbone shrivels up.

Crooked teeth: Another problem is that when a tooth is missing, your other teeth will try to fill that space. Nothing is holding them in check, so they tilt, drift, and shift, which can eventually cause a mouth full of crooked teeth and a misaligned bite.

The Benefits of Implants

All of these problems can be avoided with a dental implant. When the titanium post is placed into your jawbone, it prevents atrophy. When the tooth is placed, it prevents facial sagging, and shifting teeth. Implants are also a permanent way to restore your ability to chew a variety of healthy foods, as well as restore your smile.


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