Treating Cavities With Cosmetic Dental Fillings

cosmetic dental filling

When you develop a cavity, lack of treatment could mean painful aches and sensitivity in the tooth, as well as an increased risk of dental infection. Fortunately, we have treatments to halt decay and ensure your smile continues to look natural! With our composite resin dental fillings, your Ankeny, IA, dentist has a durable and long-lasting solution to tooth decay.

The Factors Behind a Cavity

How does a cavity form in your tooth in the first place? Well, when we consume foods and drinks high in sugar, this leaves behind particles for bacteria to feed on, a process that leads to high oral acidity and coats the teeth in plaque buildup. Over time, plaque erodes outer enamel and exposes the sensitive inner dentin to bacteria, enabling a cavity to form. If a tooth becomes chipped or cracked, or worn-down due to bruxism (teeth grinding), this could also lead to exposed inner structure and the onset of a cavity. As tooth decay continues to grow worse, you may experience tooth sensitivity and toothaches, and the risk of a serious infection also rises too.

Treatment with a Filling

If you noticed pain or sensitivity in your tooth, let us know. We will examine you and see if you need treatment. If so, we will administer a local anesthetic and then carefully remove all decay from your tooth. We will clean it and then apply the filling material. Next, we shape the tooth and mold the material as we cure the composite resin under a light. The final step involves polishing the tooth thoroughly for a brighter finish. The entire process only takes one visit, and safeguards your smile from issues like infection or abscess.

Ensuring a Natural Appearance

The composite resin we use to treat the tooth is made from a metal-free blend of glass and acrylic. We shade the material to ensure it blends with the rest of the tooth, so you enjoy a more lifelike repair. Not only do we use this material for fillings, but in dental bonding procedures we also repair minor crack and chips and address other esthetic issues, such as gaps between teeth or even permanent teeth stains. If you have any questions about diagnosing and treating cavities, or about our lifelike tooth-colored fillings, then contact our team today. We would love to help you start your journey to a stunning new smile!

Do You Have Questions About Our Natural-Looking Restorations?

We have lifelike restorations to help treat issues like tooth decay and infections. To learn more about treating tooth decay, then please schedule an appointment by calling Peddicord Family Dentistry in Ankeny, IA, today at (515) 963-3339. We also proudly serve patients of all ages who live in Bondurant, Polk City, and all surrounding communities.