Why Do Some Teeth Need Extraction?

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When possible, we try to repair decayed, damaged, or infected teeth. This process often involves creating and placing lifelike fillings, inlays and onlays, or crowns. However, sometimes an issue arises that requires the extraction of a tooth instead. In today’s blog, your Ankeny, IA, dentist will explain why some teeth need to be extracted.

The Reasons for Tooth Removal

First, we may take one out if a cavity or infection has become so severe, that failure to do so could mean the spread of infection to other teeth or into the jawbone itself. We could also take them out if damage is too severe to be addressed with a crown, and threatens to again lead to infection or abscess. Extraction helps with teeth loosened due to gum disease, or if you need room to reposition your smile in an orthodontic treatment. However, the most common reason is to prevent the eruption of the wisdom teeth. Also known as third molars, these are up to four new teeth that erupt in the rear of the mouth as we enter adulthood. For some, they arrive without trouble. For others, they could cause a painful partial eruption known as an impaction, as well as infection, discomfort, and misalignment. To preserve your smile, we simply take them our prior to their arrival.

The Process of Extracting Teeth

We want to make sure each of our patients feels comfortable and relaxed. We start by carefully discussing the procedure and answering your questions and concerns. Next, we administer a local anesthetic to ensure you’re comfortable. We also have sedation dentistry to help you enter a deep state of calm, with little to no memory of the procedure. We then gently remove the teeth with forceps and suture the extraction site closed.

Aftercare and Tooth Replacement

Sedation takes time to wear off, so you will likely need a friend or family member to bring you home. We will provide prescriptions for any necessary medications, and you should take them as prescribed. Most people return to normal activities after a day or two, but for the first day you should eat only soft items, like soups, and avoid using straws in your drink. Don’t prod the extraction site with your tongue, and brush and floss very carefully. During a follow-up, we will remove the sutures and if necessary, discuss possible replacement options, such as bridges or dental implants. If you have any questions, then contact our team today.

Do You Need a Restorative Tooth Extraction?

At Peddicord Family Dentistry, we can help preserve the health and function of your smile with oral surgical and restorative care. Call Dr. Peddicord in our Ankeny, IA office at (515) 963-3339 to learn more about our treatment options.