Why You Shouldn’t Stop Flossing

If you’re someone who has always flossed your smile to protect your oral health, we implore you to continue! If you are someone who has never really been dedicated to this aspect of your dental hygiene, we strongly encourage you to begin. If you’re an individual who has some misgivings because you don’t really know if it’s essential, boy are we ready to fill you in on the details! Find out more, so you can keep your teeth healthy and in your mouth for many more years to come.

Did You Hear The (Inaccurate) News?

Perhaps a friend mentioned to you that she heard some news story reporting that flossing isn’t necessary. Maybe you found such a story yourself while you were putting a lot of effort into finding out whether you really need to floss or if your oral health will be okay without it. The truth is, you definitely need to floss, every day, without fail. While it’s always fun to think new research has made your life just a bit easier, it’s important to determine whether said research is reliable and accurate. If you’ve caught wind of the current buzz, we are here as dental professionals to let you know: It’s not reliable or accurate, so keep flossing.

About Your Flossing

So, we keep telling you that flossing is absolutely essential for your oral health. However, you might not know why. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your brush can’t remove all the plaque and food from between your teeth (or beneath your gum tissue)
  • Floss can do so with little effort, while protecting you from decay and gingivitis