3 Misconceptions About Dental Fillings

3sparkleDo you find that you are worried about coming in for a dental filling because you have heard some pretty concerning or outlandish stuff about this treatment? The good news is that they provide you with an exceptional repair for a tooth that has a cavity. To help you feel more optimistic (and to clear up your confusion), we offer some frequently posed misconceptions and the factual reality behind them.

Misconceptions And Facts: Fillings

Misconception: If you agree to a dental filling, it’s going to structurally sabotage your tooth because we remove tooth tissue.

Fact: When we place a filling, we remove some of your tooth tissue. However, we do not remove enough to compromise the structure of your tooth. If your cavity is so large that a filling isn’t sufficient, we may suggest a crown.

Misconception: If you choose a dental filling for a cavity, it will get rid of the decay but it’s going to make your tooth look damaged.

Fact: We do not offer metal fillings. We use composite fillings, which match your tooth. As a result, both the appearance and health of your tooth are restored.

Misconception: If you choose a dental filling, you won’t be able to use cosmetic dentistry on that tooth in the future.

Fact: You may still use cosmetic dentistry. Your care plan may just require additional changes (for instance, we may need to replace a filling to match a freshly whitened tooth). Remember, if you have questions about treatments, we are more than happy to sit down with you and offer explanations.