Month: June 2015

Don’t Avoid It…It Really Is Not That Bad

Wonder what it is? A root canal of course. Root canals seem to be feared by all, but if you need one you do not want to avoid it. The reason is that root canal therapy is necessary when your tooth pulp is infected. If the infection is left untreated, not only will it be… Read more »

The White Dental Filling

The most common dental filling since the 1800s has been silver amalgam. Silver amalgam fillings are a mixture of silver, tin, copper, and mercury. Amalgam fillings contain about 50 percent mercury. It is the mercury that holds them together. Because there have been concerns over the years as to the safety of mercury, composite fillings… Read more »

About Dental Crown Placement

If your dentist recommends a dental crown, you may wonder what such treatment entails. It is always good to be aware of the steps you will experience during a medical procedure. Usually, the more you know the less fearful you are. That is why today we are going to explain the crown placement procedure. A… Read more »

How Chocolate Can Be Good For You But Bad For Your Teeth

Is chocolate your passion? If so you are in good company. According to research a typical adult can eat their own body weight in chocolate in about ten years, and many of them do. In Switzerland chocolate consumption per individual equals 21 lbs a year, and about half that in the U.S. Do you know… Read more »