Month: April 2016

Types Of Oral Health Problems

Are you curious about the different types of concerns that may affect your oral health? Perhaps you are very familiar with issues related to daily dental hygiene (or a lack thereof). However, maybe you have never given much thought to other areas of daily care that you might need to alter to further protect your… Read more »

3 Things You Should Know About Your Tongue

Do you feel like you’re something of a master when it comes to your preventive care regarding your teeth and gums? How about your tongue? Do you know much about taking care of your tongue, protecting it, or what it means if it takes on a somewhat different appearance? Don’t worry – these details are… Read more »

Dental Implants: Let’s Review The Parts

When you hear friends discussing choosing dental implants, you may think to yourself that this term refers to a single item that replaces an entire tooth. While it is absolutely accurate that implants are the only prosthetic to guide you toward complete tooth replacement (from the root to the crown), it’s not true that this… Read more »

Why Is My Breath Bad?

Most people wake up with less-than-fresh odors emanating from their mouths. Even loved ones usually prefer to wait until after the morning ritual of brushing teeth before engaging in conversation, at least up close. For some people, however, morning breath does not go away after their morning routines. As embarrassing as chronic bad breath can… Read more »