Types Of Oral Health Problems

womancoveringmouthbangsAre you curious about the different types of concerns that may affect your oral health? Perhaps you are very familiar with issues related to daily dental hygiene (or a lack thereof). However, maybe you have never given much thought to other areas of daily care that you might need to alter to further protect your grin. For instance, you know that you can’t protect yourself from an accidentally broken tooth if only you would brush more consistently. Let’s provide you with immense clarification, so you feel more confident about maintaining a truly healthy smile.

Hygiene Related Problems

Many of the issues that affect oral health stem from dental hygiene. Fortunately, you can fight and control the bad bacteria that live in your mouth (which can lead to inflammation or the destruction of tooth tissue). This is easily accomplished with home hygiene and visits for preventive care at our practice. Become lax with brushing, flossing, cleanings, and checkups, and multiplying bacteria can lead to problems like decay, gingivitis, bad breath, and even infection.

Functional Related Problems

A functional problem is not related to hygiene. As it sounds, it’s caused by the improper function of your oral structures. For instance, if you involuntarily grind your teeth (bruxism disorder), this can lead to eroded teeth, fractured teeth, headaches, sensitivity, and more. Jaw problems like TMD (TMJ disorder) are also common. Visit us for checkups every six months to avoid damage associated with related issues.

Accidental Injury

In some cases, you may experience a problem with your oral health as the result of a complete accident. To prevent them, do your best to practice caution (wear a mouth guard if you participate in high-impact athletics, for instance). If an issue occurs, contact us immediately for treatment.