Month: April 2018

Smile Protection: What’s Missing From Your Setup?

What’s your experience usually like when you make your way toward your sink? Are you ready for your dental hygiene experience? Does this feel like you’re simply operating on autopilot because you’ve nearly gotten it all down to a science? Or, would you say that sometimes you’re underprepared, sometimes you can’t find your toothbrush, and… Read more »

Preventive Care: More Than Hygiene!

You know that when you’re seeing us for cleanings and checkups as part of your preventive care to protect your smile, one of the priorities is ensuring your dental hygiene is up to snuff and your smile is clean. Why is this so important? Well, because it’s the surefire way to avoid hygiene-related problems like… Read more »

Dental Care: Reminders For The Entire Fam!

When it comes to the dental care you’re providing and overseeing not only for your own smile but also for the smiles of your whole family, things can feel complicated. What we’re happy to report, however, is that it doesn’t need to feel this way. We can offer up some reminders that will guide you… Read more »

National Facial Protection Month: What It Means For Your Family

You may not have ever heard of National Facial Protection Month before. However, this is a very real thing and it’s celebrated throughout this fourth month of the year: April! In short, what you need to know is that there are a variety of factors that can result in facial trauma. Once they occur, individuals… Read more »