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Gingivitis: The Easy Steps For Stopping It ASAP 

When you hear the term gingivitis, it may immediately send a chill down your spine. You wonder, if you develop this first stage of gum disease, what’s it mean for you? Will you know that it’s happening (you’ve heard that sometimes you won’t even notice it)? Is there a way to quickly handle it or… Read more »

Connecting Puffy Gums To Tooth Loss: What’s The Story?

When you look in the mirror and you realize that you have puffy gums, the very last thing on your mind probably includes worrying about losing your teeth. However, you may wonder: Should this be a concern? Should it come to mind? While we certainly don’t want you to feel overwhelmed and frantic about the… Read more »

Avoid Gum Disease And Its Consequences

Avoiding gum disease, as you know, is something that we feel very strongly that you do your best with. Why is that, you wonder? Furthermore, how exactly are you supposed to do that? You know that you should try hard to keep your smile healthy but as for minimizing the chances that you end up… Read more »

You’re Pregnant!: 3 Things You Should Know

Hooray! You just found out that you’re expecting a little bundle of joy! Now, of course, the planning and learning for your pregnancy begins. One area of concern that will most certainly pop up is what to do about your smile care. Should you keep going with what you’ve been doing at home? Should you… Read more »

Inflamed Gums? Take These Steps Immediately!

Do your previously healthy looking, pink, flat gums suddenly look angry and inflamed? When you’re dealing with puffy gum tissue that is obviously not in the best of health, it’s time to head in to see our Ankeny, IA team to discuss your gum health. Your gums may simply be irritated. Or, they may be… Read more »

3 Very Important Gingivitis Details

If you’re not a master of gingivitis information, then you probably haven’t experienced it! This, of course, is a good thing. However, that does not make you immune. As a result, we feel very strongly about ensuring you feel informed regarding this stage of gum disease. When you’re educated with details about prevention and early… Read more »

Ankeny Dentist Discusses the Oral-Heart Health Connection

Did you know that recent research is connecting your oral health with your heart health? February is National Heart Month, so we’re highlighting this connection between the heart and the mouth. If you want to improve your heart health or if you want to ward off heart disease, keeping your teeth and gums healthy could… Read more »

Stop Bleeding Gums with Your Ankeny Dentist

For most people, maintaining good oral health means taking care of teeth. Servicing your gums is just as important as keeping your teeth clean. When your gums bleed, it could be a sign of gum disease, though bleeding gums may not always signal unhealthy oral habits. Pregnant women may experience swollen, bleeding gums, as can… Read more »