Month: June 2016

Veneers Quiz: Do You Know All About Care?

Has the idea of making your smile over into the beautiful feature you’ve been dreaming about been overwhelming your thoughts lately? If so, you may have already done your research regarding cosmetic dentistry, discovering that porcelain veneers offer benefits that will address your needs. However, you may have missed the part about how to care for… Read more »

Which Dental Prosthetic Should You Choose?

Life is all about choices. Fortunately, that’s also true when it comes to your dental health. A healthy mouth holds a total of 32 teeth (including four wisdom teeth), and provides an intimidating number of possible tooth loss patterns. Whether your teeth succumb to decay and must be extracted, or are lost due to severe… Read more »

Quiz Your Flossing Technique

Have you had a friend or family member watch as you floss your teeth recently? Are you checking out YouTube to see if there are any demonstrations that seem accurate? Figuring out the subtle nuances that make for optimal dental hygiene can at times feel somewhat confusing. This is why we generally suggest you ask,… Read more »

3 Things That Should Be True About Your Bathroom

There are those things that are incredibly obvious when it comes to the oral health products you should have in your bathroom. Of course, you need a toothbrush and toothpaste and dental floss. So, what else could one need? As a matter of fact, there are some items and general requirements that will ensure your… Read more »