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Using A Whitening Treatment Provided By Your Dentist

Bright, white teeth can be vital to your ability to maintain a confident, healthy, and youthful appearance. Unfortunately, many popular food and drink products that we enjoy can leave behind stains that start to make our enamel dull and discolored. At our Ankeny, IA dentist’s office, we can help you fight these stains through a… Read more »

What To Do When You Want A Whiter Smile ASAP

Yes, of course, when you decide you want a whiter smile and you definitely want it right now, you feel the urge to kick your actions into high gear, as you reach for the nearest and most promising solution! However, with that said, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you: Reeling it all back in and… Read more »

Dealing With Stains: Your Full Circle Approach

There’s something you need to know about smile stains: They happen to most teeth because you use your smile every day. Your teeth are always coming into contact with pigments that can contribute to discoloration so, over time, it’s natural to develop some amount of dimming, yellowing, etc. Of course, you can put in the… Read more »

White Smiles: What’s True About Them (And What Isn’t)?

Of course, if you are interested in seeing a beautiful, whiter smile when you’re standing in front of the mirror, we can completely understand the desire! In fact, helping you make this dream a reality is something our Ankeny, IA team is most certainly prepared to help you achieve. With that said, we like to… Read more »

Wanting A Whiter Smile: How To Begin

When the realization hits you that you’d love a whiter smile, you also realize that there’s a whole journey that has to take place first. You know that wanting a whiter smile and actually achieving a whiter smile requires you to initially just get started but, if you’re not sure how, this can feel a… Read more »

Cosmetic Treatment Time: Would You Say You’re Completely Ready?

When you consider the type of cosmetic care you’d like to receive for a smile that you’re over-the-moon about, would you say that you’re completely ready to come in right now for care? Or, are there still some things that you might need to take care of first before you’re thoroughly prepared to visit our… Read more »

Whitening Details That You Don’t Understand

There may be some teeth whitening details that you haven’t quite come to fully comprehend just yet. Or, there may be some things you’ve been wanting to ask but just haven’t mentioned yet either because you’re a little shy with your questioning or because it just hasn’t been time for cosmetic care until now! Whatever… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: 4 Things You Might Want To Ask (And Should)

You might want to ask us some questions about teeth whitening at our Ankeny, IA practice. However, you might choose not to do so because you feel shy or embarrassed or you think that the answers include information you should have been able to figure out for yourself at this point. Remember, we don’t think… Read more »

Want Whitening? Don’t Look For Shortcuts!

If you’ve been poring over the gift list you created for yourself (and that you perhaps sent out to friends and family members), you may be wondering what you’ll receive come Christmas. You may also have your own secret list that is up to you to fulfill. If you do and you have teeth whitening… Read more »

3 Steps Toward A Whiter Smile

If you’ve been thinking long and hard about your stained smile and you’re oh so ready for it to look whiter, it’s time to talk with us about teeth whitening solutions. In some cases, you might require traditional whitening for allover improvement. In others, it might be time for a different solution (did you know… Read more »