Month: January 2020

When You Can’t Fix a Tooth, Extract It

Restoring teeth is an important and common part of professional dental care, and for many people, it’s a lifeline to helping them avoid tooth loss. However, some compromised teeth may be too far gone to fix, and the longer they remain, the bigger the threat might be to the rest of your oral health. Fortunately,… Read more »

Tips to Make Your Dental Crown Last Longer

Your healthy, natural teeth are strong, but they aren’t indestructible. If you don’t care for them properly, or if they’re subject to extreme pressure and friction, they can become damaged or infected, no matter how strong they are. The same is true for your lifelike dental crown, which is designed to closely mimic your healthy,… Read more »

The Important Facts About Root Canal Therapy

The more serious stages of tooth decay can sometimes seem like a much different condition than the more mild cases of cavities that people experience. Both are the result of tooth decay, which is an infection in your tooth’s structure, though mild to moderate cavities can often be treated conservatively with custom tooth fillings. In… Read more »

Have a Cavity? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Fill It

Being told that you have a cavity isn’t like being told that you need to have a tooth extracted or some other, more invasive procedure. In fact, most common cavities can often be treated with a conservative, tooth-colored filling in just a single day. However, the tooth decay behind your cavity’s development is very serious,… Read more »

Here’s Why Veneers Might Work for Your Smile

At some point in their lives, most people develop the desire to improve their smiles’ appearance. Perhaps one or more teeth have stained, or have chipped edges that impact your entire smile. Sometimes, cosmetic concerns can be even more severe, and can occur at the same time to create an even bigger impact on your… Read more »