Month: March 2014

How to Take Great Care of Dental Veneers (and Other Porcelain Restorations)

As we discussed in our previous post, porcelain dental veneers provide an ideal solution for covering severe enamel stains, hiding misshapen teeth, and closing gaps that might be spoiling the overall beauty of your smile. These handy little cosmetic restorations are crafted from dental porcelain by dental technicians at specialized labs. On its own, porcelain… Read more »

The What, How, and Why of the “Instant Smile Makeover”

Surprisingly strong and exceedingly lifelike, porcelain veneers make up a crucial part of many smile makeover treatment plans. While many people assume that “getting veneers” means having these thin sheaths of porcelain placed on all the front teeth, some cosmetic treatment plans only include veneering one or two teeth. Today, we’re taking a closer look… Read more »

How Root Canal Therapy Can Save Your Tooth

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body, yet despite its strength, your teeth still sustain serious damage. Whether through traumatic injury (like a crack, fracture, or break) or untreated tooth decay, when bacteria bypass the outer enamel, you could develop cavities and deeply set dental infection. Without treatment, severely decayed or damaged teeth… Read more »

Connecting the Dots Between Oral Health, Heart Health, and Junk Food

Very few people are under the illusion that junk food is good for them. It’s called “junk” food for a reason. Unfortunately, many people underestimate the damage that frequent consumption of junk food can do to your heart and your smile (not to mention your waistline). Today, we’re taking an up-close look at how sugar-laden… Read more »