Month: February 2016

Gum Disease Symptoms You Should Know

First, it is extremely important that you recognize a particular fact about gum disease: You will not always see symptoms the moment the problem begins. Instead, symptoms may occur once the problem has progressed. As a result, we suggest you are completely committed to scheduling your preventive exams with us once every six months, or as… Read more »

Dental Sealants: 3 Essential Facts

Chances are good that parents of your child’s friends have been discussing sealants lately. Chances are also quite good that if you have brought your little one in for a visit with us, we have suggested dental sealants to protect the health of your child’s smile. Not quite sure what to make of this pediatric… Read more »

Q&A: Home Brushing

Are you somewhat concerned that even with all of your best intentions for preventive care, you’re not doing a good enough job with your brushing at home? Don’t worry – this is one of the easiest areas to fix. By brushing up on some much-needed prevention knowledge, you can make the beneficial adjustments to your… Read more »

3 Symptoms Of Bruxism

Have you become more convinced lately that something isn’t quite right with your smile? Do you care for your teeth appropriately at home with committed daily brushing and flossing but you have been noticing symptoms, the underlying cause of which you cannot quite pinpoint? Is bruxism – the functional disorder characterized by habitual teeth grinding… Read more »