Dental Sealants: 3 Essential Facts

factsblocksChances are good that parents of your child’s friends have been discussing sealants lately. Chances are also quite good that if you have brought your little one in for a visit with us, we have suggested dental sealants to protect the health of your child’s smile. Not quite sure what to make of this pediatric preventive treatment, whether sealants are right for your child, or what to expect? Allow us to provide you with a little clarification with the help of a few essential facts.

Fact #1: Sealants Are Clear and Comfortable

First things first, parents are often concerned about the process of receiving dental sealants and how they will affect their child’s comfort. Fortunately, placing them is as simple as cleaning and gently preparing your child’s tooth and then painting the clear plastic on (and setting it). Once in place, the sealant will not affect your child (other than offering protection) – they are undetectable.

Fact #2: Sealants Protect Your Child’s Teeth

About that protection your child will receive from dental sealants: The sealant is a clear barrier that will protect the chewing surface area of the teeth in the back of your son or daughter’s mouth. These teeth are full of tiny hiding spots for bacteria as well as food particles. Lock plaque and debris out and tooth decay is much less likely to occur.

Fact #3: Sealants Last A Long Time

Rest easy – if you like what you’re hearing, you will be pleased to learn that dental sealants can last as long as 10 years if not a bit longer. They will break down and disappear over time, which means your child may outgrow the need for them – or we can reapply them when necessary.