Month: March 2018

Your Family And Gum Care

Every member of your family needs to take the required actions necessary to maintain gum health, to ensure it continues, and to keep an eye out for any changes. Do you know how to protect the health of your family’s gingival tissues (or gum tissues) or are you a bit green when it comes to… Read more »

Special Smile Care For Every Family Member

Your whole family requires preventive care! You know this. It’s why you set up your dental cleanings and your dental checkups with us. It’s also one of the details that helps you feel good about coming in to see us for family dental care: We offer the building blocks that make up healthy smiles for… Read more »

Routine Exams: What Are We Trying To Find?

When you come in for your dental exam with us, you may wonder why it’s necessary. We just saw you six months ago, so what exactly are we thinking we are going to discover in there, you ask? First, remember that the reason we consistently check up on your oral health is because if we… Read more »

Get Your Family’s Dental Care On Track!

Of course, your goal with your family’s dental care is to keep it on track and to make it the best that it can be. However, when you’re worrying about yourself, a spouse, kids, and a whole slew of other responsibilities, figuring out how to maintain oral health can become a little challenging. Take a… Read more »