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Helping Your Kids Maintain Better Smiles

Preventive care isn’t just for adults. Children, from toddlers to teens, also need care at home and in the office to avoid the onset of issues ranging from cavities to gingivitis. In today’s blog, your Ankeny, IA, dentist will explain how we use children’s dentistry to help kids in your community enjoy better oral health.

Your Child Needs A Checkup Too!

Last week we explained why a checkup is important for adults, but kids of all ages also benefit from a routine exam and cleaning every six months too. In today’s blog, your Ankeny, IA, dentist is looking at the preventive care we offer for kids in our community, and why the start of summer break… Read more »

Why Choose A Practice With Children’s Dentistry?

Why not just head to any dental practice when you have kids who need dental care, too, you wonder? Isn’t it all pretty much just the same stuff? As a matter of fact, it’s not! While you may be able to receive the same type of services from one practice to the next (though, we… Read more »

National Facial Protection Month: What It Means For Your Family

You may not have ever heard of National Facial Protection Month before. However, this is a very real thing and it’s celebrated throughout this fourth month of the year: April! In short, what you need to know is that there are a variety of factors that can result in facial trauma. Once they occur, individuals… Read more »

Tips For Scheduling Your Child’s Appointment

When it’s time to schedule your own dental checkup and cleaning, you consider a lot of things: When you will feel your best, what time works for you based on your daily schedule, which day of the week is less hectic, etc. When it comes to scheduling a preventive care visit for your child, however,… Read more »

Kid Stuff: Dental Terms To Know

Even if you have been providing yourself with good dental care for a big portion of your life, it doesn’t mean you’re going to know what we’re talking about if you begin bringing your little one in for children’s dentistry! Surprisingly enough, you will find that there are terms having to do with anatomy and treatments for… Read more »

Baby Teeth: Common Questions (And Answers)

Do you want to know everything there is to know about the teeth that are going to arrive in your child’s mouth one of these days? Of course, if you’re like most parents, you are steadily charting and following every first everything! We understand. When it comes to the progression of baby teeth and oral… Read more »

Dental Sealants: 3 Essential Facts

Chances are good that parents of your child’s friends have been discussing sealants lately. Chances are also quite good that if you have brought your little one in for a visit with us, we have suggested dental sealants to protect the health of your child’s smile. Not quite sure what to make of this pediatric… Read more »

Great Gift Ideas for the Good Boys and Girls on Your List

If your kids have been very good this year, then Santa Claus is likely already busy processing their big orders. But whether that includes a bike, a teddy bear, or a more high-tech gadget under this year’s tree, you’re likely still on the line to fill their stockings that have been hung with care. If… Read more »

Tips to Help Your Children Care for Their Teeth

The habits established during childhood stay with us through adulthood, so it is important to establish a proper oral hygiene routine for your children and promote healthy habits while they are young. Many children experience tooth decay, and while cavities may not seem like a problem in baby teeth that will fall out, the reality… Read more »