Month: October 2018

Why Choose A Practice With Children’s Dentistry?

Why not just head to any dental practice when you have kids who need dental care, too, you wonder? Isn’t it all pretty much just the same stuff? As a matter of fact, it’s not! While you may be able to receive the same type of services from one practice to the next (though, we… Read more »

Cosmetic Care: Who Gets To Use It?

There’s no immediate disqualifier for cosmetic care like you think there may be. For instance, we won’t tell you that you have the wrong type of teeth or that you’re the wrong age (assuming you’re an adult, of course), or that your smile just isn’t a good fit for esthetic improvements. As a general rule,… Read more »

Q&A: How Can I Keep My Treated Smile White?

The same way that we encourage you to care for your smile and to prevent stains is pretty much going to be the suggestion we extend to you when you ask: How can I keep my treated smile white? You may wonder, will the white smile you’ve attained through whitening, bonding, or veneers be something… Read more »

Remember Simple Tips To Prevent Chips And Cracks

You don’t want to chip your teeth. You don’t want to crack them either. Though our Ankeny, IA practice can help you with dental care that with fix either one of these problems, avoiding them altogether and enjoying the complete and comfortable, fully functional, beautiful smile you’re so accustomed to is always preferable. While little… Read more »

Toothbrush Or Magic Wand: Let’s Talk Truth!

Is there any chance you sort of think of your toothbrush as a magic wand as you’re making your way through your dental hygiene? While this is certainly a fantastical and fun way to enjoy your dental care at home, we warn you against perhaps falling too far into the fantasy! Feel free to envision… Read more »