Toothbrush Or Magic Wand: Let’s Talk Truth!

Is there any chance you sort of think of your toothbrush as a magic wand as you’re making your way through your dental hygiene? While this is certainly a fantastical and fun way to enjoy your dental care at home, we warn you against perhaps falling too far into the fantasy! Feel free to envision your brush as anything you’d like, so long as you remember it isn’t magical but it is only as successful as you make it (and as beneficial as its limits allow). Consider some quick suggestions about the truth regarding what you can expect from your toothbrush as provided to you by our very own Ankeny, IA team!

Your Brush Only Successfully Removes Plaque It Touches

As mentioned, your brush is only as successful as you make it, which means if you only brush your front teeth with it, the rest of your teeth aren’t going to become clean. This isn’t going to work well for your dental hygiene plans if your goal is to keep your entire smile clean! So, remember that your brush bristles must come into contact with every single tooth and every available surface because all of these areas are coated with plaque. When you remove plaque, it cannot turn into tartar, nor can it lead to problems like decay and gingivitis!

It Cannot Turn Into Floss If You Shift It Between Two Teeth

As much as it might seem like a magic wand that can transform into dental floss the moment you try to wiggle it between your teeth, we are sorry to disappoint you in saying that it just won’t happen. You may, of course, use it to your advantage to dislodge food. However, to thoroughly protect yourself against decay and gum disease, you will still need to floss!

There’s No “Perfect” Brush, Just Guidelines And Technique

Our team wants you to remember that there’s no perfect brush out there that everyone should buy. There’s nothing expensive, gilded, and magical. There are, however, lots of good toothbrushes amidst some not-so-great ones! Remember the following:

  • Use a brush that has soft bristles only
  • Find a toothbrush that has received ADA acceptance, if you can
  • Use your brush as suggested for exceptional dental hygiene

Get The Facts On Successful Brushing Skills From Our Team

Curious if your brushing is on track or not so wonderful at the moment? Learn all about the facts (and fiction) from our team during a checkup. Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.