Month: September 2015

Not-So-Fun Facts About Gum Disease

Although its name is highly recognizable, you might not know all there is to know about gum disease. For instance, even if your gums don’t hurt, the disease can still be present, quietly destroying your periodontal tissues. Understanding the nuances of the condition can help you better protect your long-term oral health, either by preventing… Read more »

A Few Questions About Adult Tooth Loss

Given the advances in modern dentistry, you now have several different options for replacing a tooth that has been lost or extracted. From traditional dental bridges and dentures to advanced dental implant prosthetics, we can create a lifelike restoration that rebuilds your smile and restores its beautiful, youthful appearance. Still, the most effective way to… Read more »

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Do you grind your teeth? If so, then you may be unaware just how dangerous this irritating and often uncomfortable habit can be. In fact, routine teeth grinding can quickly damage teeth and expose them to harmful bacteria. Fortunately, there are relative simple treatment options designed to help patients who routinely grind or clench their… Read more »

Tips to Help Your Children Care for Their Teeth

The habits established during childhood stay with us through adulthood, so it is important to establish a proper oral hygiene routine for your children and promote healthy habits while they are young. Many children experience tooth decay, and while cavities may not seem like a problem in baby teeth that will fall out, the reality… Read more »

How Sugar Causes Tooth Decay

Sugar not only puts you at risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease, but it is also the direct cause of tooth decay for as much as 90% of American adults. Sugar is hidden in nearly all processed foods as an additive to enhance taste, so with high exposure to processed foods,… Read more »