Month: May 2019

Avoid Gum Disease And Its Consequences

Avoiding gum disease, as you know, is something that we feel very strongly that you do your best with. Why is that, you wonder? Furthermore, how exactly are you supposed to do that? You know that you should try hard to keep your smile healthy but as for minimizing the chances that you end up… Read more »

Your Dental Checkups: Are You On Track Or Off Track?

You have likely already experienced that sensation of thinking a week or two have passed only to realize months have flown by. It’s something that just happens, particularly when life is full and you’re just busy. With this in mind, our Ankeny, IA team knows that you may either be taking the measures necessary to… Read more »

Answers To Questions Frequently Asked About: Contouring!

The idea of dental contouring for your smile might cause you to light up! The benefits that you learn about instantly put you at ease, letting you know that there really is something out there that can help you achieve your esthetic goals. Of course, with that said, you may still have a list of… Read more »

There’s No Use Crying Over Chipped Teeth

It’s not a well known phrase by any means but there’s quite a lot of truth behind it! There really is no use crying over chipped teeth. However, when you are the individual to whom the chip has occurred, it can certainly feel a bit traumatic in the very beginning. That is, until you realize… Read more »