There’s No Use Crying Over Chipped Teeth

It’s not a well known phrase by any means but there’s quite a lot of truth behind it! There really is no use crying over chipped teeth. However, when you are the individual to whom the chip has occurred, it can certainly feel a bit traumatic in the very beginning. That is, until you realize our Ankeny, IA practice has everything you need (like cosmetic care) in order to get your smile whipped back into shape without too much inconvenience. Learn more about the details, so you can get a (very beautiful) smile back on your face in no time.

The Chip Won’t Go Away

When we say that the chip won’t go away, we are reminding you that the chip is there to stay. So, don’t waste your time or your tears, as you hope that over time the issue will simply become better all on its own. Instead, take the very realistic route and contact our practice. We offer cosmetic care that will put you back on track, with the damaged tissue replaced (or looking as though it has been replaced!), so you have your complete tooth and an unmarred smile once again!

Smooth The Chip

Sometimes, very small chips can be smoothed away, instead of our having to replace the tissue. When this is an option, you may visit our team for a cosmetic care treatment that we refer to as dental contouring. Think about the way you quickly file a snagged nail, so it’s smooth and even again, though you’ve removed very little of the nail itself. In a similar fashion, we rely on the help of a gentle, polishing instrument that removes the tiniest of tooth tissue, thereby revealing a tooth that is smooth and chip-free!

Replace Or Hide The Chip

You have a couple options here! If you’re dealing with just one little chip, you may want to go ahead and use dental bonding. This cosmetic care treatment is often mixed up with contouring. However, bonding lets us replace tissue that’s gone missing (like the tissue that’s missing, yielding a chip) with customized composite, a moldable material that we can sculpt and polish. The result? The chip disappears! Or, if you’d like comprehensive coverage (maybe you have lots of chipping), we may suggest veneers. In any case, don’t cry! Come in! We can help.

Treat Your Chip Today With Our Care

Receive the cosmetic care your smile needs by coming in to see us when you require our help! Remember that we offer a variety of options for addressing chipped teeth, so you can get your blemish-free smile back. Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.