Month: November 2015

Stop Wishing and Start Completing Your Smile

While your grandkids are busy making their perfect Christmas lists, you’re probably just excited to spend a little extra time with them this holiday season. But if that extra time will be filled with insecurity because of a missing tooth, it’s time to tackle your own, adult Christmas list. Lucky for you, it doesn’t require… Read more »

Smile Brighter This Holiday Season with Great Dental Care

If you want to do more than survive this holiday season, you probably already know you need to manage your stress. Try not to overschedule your time, by committing to too many holiday parties, or even charitable opportunities. Taking care of yourself through the season, and beyond, is the best way to be a great… Read more »

It Could Be Simpler Than You Think To Cope with a Cavity

No one wants to hear he has a cavity, but a diagnosis of dental decay doesn’t mean it is the end of the world or even of your smile as you know it. Restorative treatment makes it possible to save a damaged tooth in most cases, allowing you to do better things than worry about… Read more »

End the Year on a Bright Note with Cosmetic Bonding and Contouring

Think there’s no time left to end the year with a more beautiful smile? Think again! Modern cosmetic dentistry offers a number of ways to quickly erase imperfections and play up your smile’s natural beauty. Tooth bonding and contouring are two such treatment options, ones that can be completed incredibly quickly, on a budget, and… Read more »