Month: June 2018

Making Sure A Tooth With A Cavity Receives Expert Care

The successful treatment of a cavity is a matter of stopping decay, and ensuring that your tooth is properly restored after that removal of damaged tissue. Thanks to the use of modern restorations, your Ankeny, IA dentist is able to provide you with dental work that keeps your tooth safe, while also letting your smile… Read more »

Your Smile: Protect It, Beautify It, Rescue It

There are some basic things that most patients want for their smiles. They want to know they’re doing all they can to keep their smile health safe. They also want to find ways to make it look better when it’s not looking so lovely. Then, of course, should something go wrong, they want to be… Read more »

Chewy: An Adjective That Means Bad News For Smile Health

If you’re interested in protecting your smile health and the health of your family’s smiles, then there are some details out there that you can memorize, which will always qualify as no-nos. One of them is the adjective “chewy.” If you can describe the food you’re about to consume with this term, then you are… Read more »

When You’ve Got Specific Questions

What should you do when you suddenly find yourself wondering how to clean around your dental bridge? Who do you ask when you want to know all about porcelain veneers but you don’t really know where to begin? You know that heading into the multitudes of pages on the internet (many of which will be… Read more »