Month: May 2013

Ankeny Dentist Shares Top-Rated At-home Teeth Whitening Solutions

Once you’ve had a teeth whitening treatment, maintaining your smile shiny and bright is important. With the number of whitening products on the market today, choosing the most effective one can seem overwhelming. From strips to mouthwashes, the selection is vast, and choosing the wrong one will only waste your time, money and patience. To… Read more »

Advantages of Zirconia Crowns, Says Ankeny Dentist

Traditionally, crowns came in three varieties: all-metal, all-porcelain (or ceramic), and porcelain-fused-to-metal. Each provides great coverage and durability, while alleviating the intense toothache caused by deep decay or fracture. However, there’s a fourth dental material that affords all of the positive attributes of the three standard materials. With zirconium, crowns offer intense strength, durability, longevity,… Read more »

Ankeny Dentist Repairs Chipped Teeth with Tooth Contouring

Is your smile just a tad uneven and, if so, does it bother you? If you’ve answered yes, then perhaps you should consider tooth contouring from your Ankeny dentist. This quick, in-office dental procedure can transform one or many of your teeth into flawless beauties. An initial consultation and examination by Dr. Erika Peddicord can… Read more »

Your Ankeny Dentist Quickly Repairs Teeth with Dental Bonding

Do you have tiny flaws in your smile that you would like change without taking drastic measures? Your Ankeny dentist is here to help with composite resin dental bonding. This conservative, straightforward procedure can restore any number of teeth back to their ideal shape. Unlike other cosmetic dental procedures like veneers or porcelain crowns, bonding… Read more »

Ankeny Dentist: Dental Implants Prevent Complications

A dental implant restoration features a customized crown that superbly mimics the appearance of a real tooth. The crown is strong and stain-resistant, allowing it to last for many years. But did you know that many of the benefits of dental implants exist below the gum line? Your Ankeny dentist, Dr. Erika Peddicord, explains how… Read more »