Month: August 2016

3 Reasons To Feel Better About Tooth Loss

Are you feeling a bit blue because you have lost a tooth? Perhaps you have lost more than one tooth. The good news is that you don’t have to feel bad about tooth loss. You can instead choose to feel motivated and excited about all that the future holds! Having a hard time accomplishing this? Take… Read more »

2 Primary Ways To Make Your Smile Whiter

If you’re mostly happy with your smile but you feel it could really use some help in the vibrancy department, we invite you to come on in. Depending on the problem at hand, we will provide you with cosmetic dentistry options or other solutions that will nudge your smile away from its dim appearance and… Read more »

3 Reasons You Should Floss

You know that you should floss to protect your oral health because that’s what we insist you do as part of your dental hygiene. You trust us, of course, because we are experts in dental care! However, that doesn’t mean that you have the foggiest notion regarding why, in addition to brushing, it’s so very… Read more »

Where Do Cavities Occur?

You may find yourself wondering if there are any areas of your teeth that are immune to decay, whether cavities tend to form in particular locations, and how to address these factors. The news you won’t be excited to hear is that tooth decay can occur on any portion of your tooth tissue. The good… Read more »

Is Discoloration Unhealthy For My Teeth?

You may wonder when you take a look in the mirror at your yellowed smile, whether the hue shift has any impact on your oral health. Is discoloration something that translates into an unhealthy smile? Or, is it just something that is not so appealing to look at (without warranting any serious concern)? First, allow us… Read more »