Where Do Cavities Occur?

womanwonderingheadbandYou may find yourself wondering if there are any areas of your teeth that are immune to decay, whether cavities tend to form in particular locations, and how to address these factors. The news you won’t be excited to hear is that tooth decay can occur on any portion of your tooth tissue. The good news is that we can help you become familiar with areas that may require special attention and we can direct you toward optimal practices to protect that lovely smile of yours!

On Back Teeth

Think about the surfaces of your teeth. Visualize your back teeth or look at them in the mirror. The chewing surfaces of these teeth are full of little grooves and fissures, which provide exceptional places for bacteria to inhabit. Since these areas are so tiny and sometimes difficult to reach, this is a common site for tooth decay. Fortunately, the placement of dental sealants (often suggested for children) and thorough brushing will offer effective prevention.

Between Teeth

Why do we suggest you floss? Why, because the tiny spaces between your teeth are little traps for plaque and food particles. Floss every day to ensure you remove the buildup between teeth, so it cannot harden and lead to tooth decay (or other problems like gingivitis).

Where Hiding Spaces Occur

Think about the margin that can exist between your gums and the edge of a dental crown. This is an easy place for plaque and food to become stuck and for bacteria to hide. It is essential that you are thorough with your brushing and flossing in areas that are difficult to access (whether around bridges and implants, around crowns, around braces, or otherwise).