Month: December 2014

FAQs: What is Root Canal Therapy?

You would probably be lying if you said the words “root canal” didn’t send a shiver up your spine. Unfortunately, many people feel this way about root canal therapy, despite the fact that this is a common and comfortable treatment option. In fact, without this endodontic treatment, an infection or abscess could lead to painful symptoms… Read more »

Quiz: What are Your Options for Replacing Missing Teeth

For many people, losing teeth can be a source of embarrassment, hurting their overall appearance. In addition, missing teeth can endanger the health and stability of the smile. Fortunately, a number of options exist for replacing lost teeth and returning smiles to full function, health, and beauty.

Are You a Smile-Smart Senior?

The older you get, the more things you have to smile about. And, encouragingly, as the U.S. population ages, more and more Americans are keeping their natural teeth longer. Of course, men and women over the age of 55 remain at a higher risk for certain oral diseases, namely gum disease. Although it may seem… Read more »

Dental Care Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Christmas is less than two weeks away and there are sure to be a few people on your list who you haven’t found the right gift for yet. Rather than waste money on plastic knick-knacks or sugary candies, why not take a trip down the dental care aisle at your local grocery superstore? You’re sure… Read more »

Taking Cosmetic Dentistry to the Extreme

Opting for temporarily bejeweling your teeth might seem like a harmless form of self-expression. The problem is, while there are some dentists who offer jewel adhesion to teeth with FDA-approved glue, do-it-yourself kits exist that can lead to a host of tooth damage. No matter how a jewel is applied, the American Dental Association (ADA)… Read more »