Month: July 2019

Dealing With Stains: Your Full Circle Approach

There’s something you need to know about smile stains: They happen to most teeth because you use your smile every day. Your teeth are always coming into contact with pigments that can contribute to discoloration so, over time, it’s natural to develop some amount of dimming, yellowing, etc. Of course, you can put in the… Read more »

What to Know if You Have a Cavity

Cavities are so common that, sometimes, having one doesn’t seem like such a big deal. At least, not until the cavity gets worse and you’re forced to take the condition more seriously. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the cavity or let it get worse. At our Ankeny, IA, dentist’s office, we can help you… Read more »

An Intro Class: Canker Sores! 

Nobody wants them, lots of people get them, and they’re never pleasant (but they’re not as scary as they might seem): They’re canker sores! When one arrives in your mouth, you may find that you have no idea what to think, you suddenly have a long list of worries that you can’t seem to answer,… Read more »

White Smiles: What’s True About Them (And What Isn’t)?

Of course, if you are interested in seeing a beautiful, whiter smile when you’re standing in front of the mirror, we can completely understand the desire! In fact, helping you make this dream a reality is something our Ankeny, IA team is most certainly prepared to help you achieve. With that said, we like to… Read more »

Bad Brush Moves: 4 Things To Change ASAP

There are some very good things you can do with your toothbrush as you’re practicing your dental hygiene! You know this, of course, because our Ankeny, IA team tells you to brush twice daily! So, that means using a toothbrush is to your great benefit! However, that doesn’t necessarily mean every single motion and choice… Read more »