Month: December 2017

Providing Care To Fully Restore Your Smile After A Cavity

If a cavity develops, your tooth will require restorative dental care – there is no at-home remedy for this problem you can rely on. Restoring your tooth will involve the careful removal of damaged material, as well as treatment to address this loss of material. Based on the severity of decay, you will receive a… Read more »

Want Whitening? Don’t Look For Shortcuts!

If you’ve been poring over the gift list you created for yourself (and that you perhaps sent out to friends and family members), you may be wondering what you’ll receive come Christmas. You may also have your own secret list that is up to you to fulfill. If you do and you have teeth whitening… Read more »

Winter: 2 Things You’re Overlooking

Do you feel like you’re doing what you always do to care for your oral health? However, you’re seeing changes like bad breath, a sticky mouth, or even tooth decay? Why is this happening now that it’s winter when your habits are just the same? The truth is, dry mouth may be part of this… Read more »

Smile Health: What’s For Breakfast?

You’ve probably become somewhat accustomed to what’s okay for your smile health and what’s probably a very bad idea. However, since you’re not drinking soda or eating candy bars for breakfast, you may feel a little bit unsure about the things you should really be avoiding bright and early in the day. Good news: It’s… Read more »