Winter: 2 Things You’re Overlooking

Do you feel like you’re doing what you always do to care for your oral health? However, you’re seeing changes like bad breath, a sticky mouth, or even tooth decay? Why is this happening now that it’s winter when your habits are just the same? The truth is, dry mouth may be part of this issue and it just might stem from some things you’re overlooking. Yes, your dental hygiene is the same … but is everything else?

#1: You’re Using Congestion Medication More Frequently

You may be overlooking the fact that even though you’re brushing and flossing the same as ever, you’re dealing with an increase in congestion because of allergies, a winter cold, or even the flu! When you take medication for congestion, you overlook the long list of side effects (dry mouth is frequently on that list). In addition to clearing up congestion, you’re drying up your saliva. The result? It’s more likely that you’ll find yourself with bad breath, decay, and discomfort. Remember this facet of your oral health and do what you can to counteract the issue!

#2: You’re Slamming The Candy!

Do you usually eat your lunch at work, head to the restroom to brush afterwards, and then you don’t eat much until you get home? Perhaps now that it’s holiday time, you’re indulging in the sweet treats around the office. Maybe you’re getting little gifts. Or, maybe the person at reception has a candy dish that you frequent daily! Whatever the case, remember that more candy might have something to do with new oral health concerns.

Protect Teeth With Mindful Daily Care

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