Month: June 2013

Ankeny, IA Dentist Reports: Calming a Child’s Dental Visit Anxieties

Going to the dentist may prove challenging for children. As a parent, you recognize the importance of visiting the dentist; yet, the child may see the new experience differently. In order to have a successful appointment, Dr. Erika Peddicord, your Ankeny, IA children’s dentist offers a few tips to follow when your child visits the… Read more »

Ankeny, IA Dentist Talks about Proper Partial Denture Care

For patients that would like a removable dental replacement, consider a partial denture. These alternatives to fixed partials can complete your smile without an involved placement procedure. Plus, they’re an afford solution that nearly every patient qualifies for. If would like more information on partials, talk to Dr. Erika Peddicord, your Ankeny, IA dentist. Use… Read more »

Ankeny, IA Dentist Offers Numerous Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Do you want your smile to possess the wow factor? Then perhaps you should consider a cosmetic dental procedure to achieve the perfect smile. As one of the most popular branches of dentistry, cosmetic dentistry offers incredible results in an timely fashion. Furthermore, having a smile that you’re proud of serves as an incentive to… Read more »

Floss Does More than Clean Your Teeth, Says Ankeny, IA General Dentist

Any dentist will advise his or her patients to floss at least once a day. Flossing is an important step in any dental cleaning regimen since it removes food particles that brushing cannot. Yet, that mighty nylon string doesn’t just clean between teeth—you can use it for simple at-home tasks too. In this friendly post,… Read more »