Ankeny, IA Dentist Reports: Calming a Child’s Dental Visit Anxieties

Smiling kidsGoing to the dentist may prove challenging for children. As a parent, you recognize the importance of visiting the dentist; yet, the child may see the new experience differently. In order to have a successful appointment, Dr. Erika Peddicord, your Ankeny, IA children’s dentist offers a few tips to follow when your child visits the office.

Making Your Child’s Appointment Comfortable is Essential

  1. Start soon. When your children begin the their dental visits early, easy-going appointments occur almost every time. Visiting the same dentist periodically will acclimate the child to bi-annual appointments. If you’re unsure when to start taking your little one to the dentist, the general rule is by the time they turn one.
  2. Easy does it. Your kids may not remember their first few dental appointments; however, when they can comprehend the visit, don’t bombard them with information. Saying too much might frighten them. Instead remain honest, yet vague. It’s best to wait until your Ankeny, IA children’s dentist uses her own kid-friendly terminology. Furthermore, you should incorporate those same terms at home in between appointments.
  3. Don’t use scary words. Refrain from saying words, such as: shot, hurt, or pain. The negative phrases may cause your child to feel anxious or nervous about the visit before you even arrive. Try mentioning that strong and healthy teeth stem from dental checkups.
  4. Simulate a pretend visit. To make the pending appointment seem fun, pretend going to the dentist. Your children’s dentist recommends only the use of a toothbrush to count their teeth. You can also use a mirror to let the child view their own teeth. Moreover, give your child the opportunity to clean a toy’s teeth and allow them to play with a toothbrush freely.
  5. Prepare for fussiness. Regardless of prepping your kids, they may still have a tiny tantrum. A new experience of any kind can manifest differing emotions. Your child could cry, wiggle, and even refuse contact from the dentist. Should this occur: don’t panic. Pediatric dentists know this is possibility. The doctor will inform you of the best measures to take. It’s typically something simple, like holding their hand for added comfort and security.

Peddicord Family Dentistry Offers Exceptional Children’s Dentistry

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