Month: December 2019

Bonding and Contouring For Your Best Smile

For most patients, a healthy smile is one of the top dental goals. That means regular checkups and cleanings, attention to detail when brushing at home, and paying attention to changes that could signal an issue. If you have those basics under control, you might be thinking about cosmetic dental concerns that keep you from… Read more »

How Implant Restoration Can Restore Your Smile

It is estimated that approximately 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists. This is a cause of embarrassment for some people. However, your smile consists of more than just your visible teeth. It includes their roots that offer support when you bite or chew. Your jawbone… Read more »

A Few Hints that Teeth-Grinding Is Becoming a Problem

Bruxism, or chronic teeth-grinding, can sometimes be an elusive condition to track. Most of us grind our teeth occasionally, some more than others, but that doesn’t mean they have bruxism or necessarily need treatment to stop. However, if you do have bruxism, you might not always notice how often you grind your teeth. It might… Read more »

Got Gum Disease? Here’s Why That Matters

If you’ve only heard of gum disease through commercials for dental hygiene products, or as a hypothetical concern from your dentist, then you might not take it too seriously. Even if you’re told you have it, you might think buying a new brand of mouthwash will make it all okay. However, gum disease is a… Read more »