Month: September 2018

You Really Want To Address Tooth Loss Quickly

Do we want you to feel stressed out once you’re dealing with tooth loss? Absolutely not! We know that when you’re dealing with the fresh experience of missing teeth, it can be quite upsetting. What our Ankeny, IA team does want? For you to feel much better about your smile not by rationalizing to yourself… Read more »

You’re Pregnant!: 3 Things You Should Know

Hooray! You just found out that you’re expecting a little bundle of joy! Now, of course, the planning and learning for your pregnancy begins. One area of concern that will most certainly pop up is what to do about your smile care. Should you keep going with what you’ve been doing at home? Should you… Read more »

Inflamed Gums? Take These Steps Immediately!

Do your previously healthy looking, pink, flat gums suddenly look angry and inflamed? When you’re dealing with puffy gum tissue that is obviously not in the best of health, it’s time to head in to see our Ankeny, IA team to discuss your gum health. Your gums may simply be irritated. Or, they may be… Read more »

Toothaches: What You Should Do About That Sensation!

You know that you should probably do something about your toothache. However, considering the fact that when you really start thinking about it, there seem to be quite a lot of options, you might have some trouble figuring out the right choice (or choices). As you probably realize already, lots of people end up with… Read more »