Why It Is Crucial to Replace Lost Teeth

As children, we understood that it was natural to lose our baby teeth and develop adult teeth, but as adults, the set we have is the only there is, and if a tooth were to be lost or extracted, we could not naturally replace it. Because of this notion, we make an effort to practice excellent preventive care at home as well as by attending routine dental visits. The truth of the matter is, however, that sometimes it is necessary to have a tooth removed when it comes to preserving your oral health. The trouble does not stop there, however, as a missing structure can actually be a detriment that causes a host of other concerns. For these reasons, your Ankeny, IA dentist at Peddicord Family Dentistry wants to inform you of the importance of replacing lost teeth.

Increased Risk for Future Loss

Extraction can be the solution for a variety of concerns, however, the most common of those would have to be due to disease or infection. Oral bacteria are present in the mouth at all times, and routine preventive care is necessary to keep them at bay. These bacteria thrive in warm, moist, difficult-to-clean areas, meaning the back molars and the gum line are a prime spot for them. They begin to target the healthy structure of a tooth, secreting harmful acids that aid in breaking it down. If left unmanaged, these bacteria can cause decay such as a cavity, and continue to eat away at the hole until you begin to experience severe infection. If you do not act in time, it can ultimately result in loss. Your battle does not stop there, however, because even though the structure itself is no longer present, the infection is. This means that surrounding structures will be affected too, resulting in even more teeth being lost to decay.

The Impact on Bite Function

Another problem that arises when a structure is missing is its overall impact on your bite. Your bite will work to readjust in order to accommodate the missing structure, which will ultimately cause unevenness, difficulty biting or chewing, pain, and even problems enunciating.

As a solution to this situation, your dentist may recommend a dental implant to take its place. When you seek an implant treatment, your dentist will place a small, titanium post in the jaw bone to act as an artificial root. Once the jaw heals around the post, it will be able to absorb the pressure of a standard bite, restoring your overall function. The post is finished with a restoration that is meant to mimic the appearance and function of a crown, and you can enjoy a healthy smile once more.

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