Month: October 2016

Chewing: Good Habits Versus Bad Habits

Chewing is often a mindless task that you perform throughout the day, whether you’re eating a meal, snacking, or popping a piece of gum into your mouth. While you might not usually give it a second thought, we suggest that you do so right now! By becoming more familiar with the good and the bad… Read more »

Your Restorative Care Refresher

You will find that the more you know about restorative care, the more you discover how detailed and helpful this area of dentistry can become. We suggest a refresher to ensure you are knowledgeable regarding the care you have at your disposal (should you need it). We would also like to make sure you know… Read more »

Your Tooth Decay Prevention Kit

Do you feel like a cavity is something that seems to show up out of nowhere as though it were willed into existence? This is a common sensation among patients who think they are doing their best with dental hygiene and dental care in general (but who are overlooking some simple yet important details). While… Read more »

Do All That You Can To Avoid Periodontal Problems

When you are instructed to protect your periodontal health, this might sound like the type of thing that you’re sure applies to someone but probably not to you. As a matter of fact, this is something that should concern everyone. While it might sound a bit exotic, it’s not. It just refers to your need… Read more »