Month: February 2018

Questions To Ask During Your Exam

Do you have questions for us? Have you ever asked them? Do you want to ask them but you end up feeling like there’s no “right” time and, as a result, you keep coming in and heading home without gathering up any answers? We know that if you’re not sure when to bring up another… Read more »

Healthy Smile: Why Won’t Dental Hygiene Be Enough?

What you want, of course, is a healthy smile. What you also want is to find a way to achieve this through an easy approach. As a result, you may convince yourself that you can probably just get by with dental hygiene alone. The truth is, however, that you need both hygiene in the comfort… Read more »

Very Good Reasons To Consider An Electric Brush

Do you think about tossing your manual brush aside sometimes in favor of trying out an electric toothbrush for your dental hygiene? However, do you come up against one problem: You don’t feel like you have any good reasons for doing so? Beyond the simple feelings of curiosity and interest, we can help you out… Read more »

Valentine’s Day Gifts That Won’t Hurt Your Smile

Ah, yes! The sweet, romance that comes on February 14th: It’s about time for Valentine’s Day! Did you recently find yourself in the candy aisle, wondering what to purchase as gifts because just about everything under your nose was in no way beneficial for one’s oral health? Since giving the gift of an unhealthy smile… Read more »