Very Good Reasons To Consider An Electric Brush

Do you think about tossing your manual brush aside sometimes in favor of trying out an electric toothbrush for your dental hygiene? However, do you come up against one problem: You don’t feel like you have any good reasons for doing so? Beyond the simple feelings of curiosity and interest, we can help you out with instances in which you will feel quite justified in this choice!

Reason: You’re Extremely Tired Of Dental Hygiene

Sometimes, things you’ve done for a very long time can suddenly feel a bit old. If one day you realize don’t really get excited about dental hygiene anymore … or worse yet, you are sick of it … it may be time to rejuvenate this experience. An electric toothbrush just might make it much more enjoyable and easy to get through. Give it a try!

Reason: Your Hands Or Arms Hurt

Whether you’re already dealing with soreness or if you find that getting through your brushing sometimes leads to discomfort, we always encourage patients to try an electric brush. When you compare it with a manual option, it is much easier on your muscles and joints!

Reason: You’re An Aggressive Brusher

You’ve been informed that you are an aggressive brusher. This means that instead of using just a bit of delicate pressure during dental hygiene, you likely press too hard and are too vigorous with your motions. To avoid damaging your gum tissue and possibly eroding your dental tissue over time, we suggest an electric toothbrush. It’s easier to avoid the urge to press, as you just guide it over teeth. (Some even come with a feature that will make the brush stop if you’re overdoing it or with a timer, so you don’t rush!).

Get Hygiene Questions Answered From Our Team

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