Month: March 2019

Smile Discoloration: Remember These Facts!

Smile discoloration is one of those issues that just about everyone has to deal with at one point or another but that many patients are unsure about. From whether it’s negatively impacting your teeth to what actually makes one a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry, there is a lot of uncertainty that can crop up…. Read more »

Restorative Care: 3 Gifts It Offers Patients

When you envision a present being presented to you, it’s usually in a box with shiny wrapping paper and a beautiful big bow! You don’t usually imagine someone offering you a dental filling or a crown. However, our Ankeny, IA team would love to remind you today that though you may not usually think of… Read more »

What Your Toothpaste Can’t Do

When it’s time to talk toothpaste, your caring family dentist in Ankeny, IA will be right there with you. Toothpaste is a vital and necessary part of any home dental hygiene routine. You’ve probably heard it before, but brushing twice a day, flossing daily and maintaining your scheduled exams and cleanings are all smart tools… Read more »

Cosmetic Treatment Time: Would You Say You’re Completely Ready?

When you consider the type of cosmetic care you’d like to receive for a smile that you’re over-the-moon about, would you say that you’re completely ready to come in right now for care? Or, are there still some things that you might need to take care of first before you’re thoroughly prepared to visit our… Read more »