Month: December 2016

3 New Things To Try In 2017

You might not consider the fact that you can have a little bit of fun with your dental health by doing some exploration. The world of dental care is, in fact, quite vast if only you take a moment to look around. When you’re ready to have some fun, get a little more organized, and… Read more »

Don’t Brush Off Your Bruxism

Did you know that if you ignore your bruxism and choose not to receive bruxism treatment, you’re basically asking for some additional problems to occur down the road? The main concern in this case is that you cannot do anything about your bruxism all on your own because you’re doing it involuntarily. In order to stop… Read more »

Dental Hygiene: Year In Review

As you hear holiday songs on the radio, notice Christmas lights bedecking the homes in your neighborhood, and realize it’s gift-shopping crunch time, your awareness that 2016 is almost over comes into full focus. In preparation for a successful, healthy 2017 (which, of course, should include excellent dental hygiene and oral health), we encourage you… Read more »

Holiday Smile Gifts: The Fun And The Thoughtful

When you’re looking for just the right smile gift for the people you hold dear, you might find yourself coming up short (especially if you gave out electric toothbrushes last year). The good news is that there’s never a shortage of ideas, it can just become a little challenging. Since we are dental professionals, of… Read more »