Dental Hygiene: Year In Review

2016lightsAs you hear holiday songs on the radio, notice Christmas lights bedecking the homes in your neighborhood, and realize it’s gift-shopping crunch time, your awareness that 2016 is almost over comes into full focus. In preparation for a successful, healthy 2017 (which, of course, should include excellent dental hygiene and oral health), we encourage you to quickly review 2016. As a result, you can keep doing the things you’ve been doing right (and make little tweaks where you might need a little help) for a very happy New Year.

Think About Your Brushing

Think about how you did with your brushing habits this year. Effective dental hygiene requires two two-minute brushing sessions every day. Keep this in mind as 2017 rounds the corner.

Ask Yourself About Your Flossing

Now, have a very honest conversation with yourself about your dedication to making flossing a permanent part of your everyday dental hygiene routine. If dental floss only made an occasional appearance, do your best to use it daily in 2017.

Make A Mental Note Of Hygiene Products

How did you do with your dental hygiene products throughout 2016? Did you remember to use a new toothbrush every three months? Did you use products you actually enjoyed? These details often get pushed aside but they are quite important!

Check In On The Little Details

Was 2016 the year that you drank vanilla lattes throughout the day, forgot to rinse after meals and snacks, and you learned that brushing your tongue is essential (but you didn’t do anything about it)? Let’s make 2017 the year when you pay attention to the details for your healthiest smile yet!