Month: November 2018

Really: Your Toothache Isn’t Always A Cavity!

You may assume that the second you end up with a toothache, it means that you definitely have tooth decay. You just know that you have a cavity, you figure you might even have an infection, and this causes you some stress. Of course, nobody likes dealing with decay. However, our Ankeny, IA team reminds… Read more »

Whitening Details That You Don’t Understand

There may be some teeth whitening details that you haven’t quite come to fully comprehend just yet. Or, there may be some things you’ve been wanting to ask but just haven’t mentioned yet either because you’re a little shy with your questioning or because it just hasn’t been time for cosmetic care until now! Whatever… Read more »

You Really Don’t Want To Ignore Bruxism

You may think to yourself that you’d prefer to just ignore the bruxism disorder that you’re aware is impacting your smile and that, though you may not realize it yet, will begin impacting your daily life. It doesn’t seem like a huge problem at first, of course. Instead, you may notice it so little that… Read more »

Symptom Spotting: What You Really Must Remember

When you learn a lot about your smile care, you often become well-versed in different types of symptoms. Or, if you are quick with looking things up online, you may become quite adept at seeking out symptoms and attempting to match them up with their corresponding smile health concern. While feeling educated in regard to… Read more »