Whitening Details That You Don’t Understand

There may be some teeth whitening details that you haven’t quite come to fully comprehend just yet. Or, there may be some things you’ve been wanting to ask but just haven’t mentioned yet either because you’re a little shy with your questioning or because it just hasn’t been time for cosmetic care until now! Whatever the case, if a whiter smile is on your mind, then taking in some new information from our Ankeny, IA team is certainly going to help you get one step closer to your goal!

Why You Can’t Have Teeth Whitening

You may have been told at some point along the way that while you want a whiter smile, teeth whitening is probably not going to be the way for you to go. However, you may not really know why camouflaging your stains with something like porcelain veneers or dental bonding is going to be your best solution. We would need to see you in person to give you the particulars but in most cases, this is either because your stains are too severe or because they’re intrinsic (they’re deep within your tooth) and whitening cannot treat them!

Why Whitening Isn’t “Permanent”

Our team explains: Teeth whitening doesn’t wear off. However, your teeth remain porous, which means they can re-stain. So, the vibrancy can last for years but may not last forever. Fortunately, you can always whiten again!

Why You Need Whitening But You Care For Your Smile

Think about anything that you take good care of. Your car, your favorite shirt, etc. When you care for them, you use them regularly, clean them, and keep them up. However, no matter how delicate or thorough you are, these products become aged. Over time even with careful attention, your car won’t run like it used to and your shirt may develop some discoloration. Your smile will experience a bit of wear and tear, too. The good news is that you can keep it functional forever! The better news? If it develops stains, you can whiten them with teeth whitening or cover them with other cosmetic care. It’s normal to find that even with good care, you still end up with some amount of discoloration!

Let Us Help You Better Understand Whitening

Want a whiter smile but you have questions about whitening? Let us know! Find out if you’re making good choices by scheduling a visit with your Ankeny, IA dentist today! Contact Peddicord Family Dentistry to set up an appointment by calling 515-963-3339.