Month: May 2016

Help! Everything Tastes Funny.

Have you gone through feeling frustrated, confused, and upset because your taste buds are not cooperating the way they usually do? Are you finding that when you eat, you can hardly taste the foods you’re consuming? Or, are you noticing that everything seems to taste funny (or simply different when compared with your usual experience)?… Read more »

Cause And Effect: Yellow Teeth

When it comes to changes that embarrass patients, the shade of their teeth is often at the top of the list. There’s nothing like yellowed teeth to make one feel embarrassed or frustrated with an otherwise beautiful smile. In addition to causing confusion about why discoloration has occurred, it often makes quite a strong (negative) impact… Read more »

Myth Or Fact?: Electric Toothbrushes

Have you been hearing mixed reviews from friends and family about electric toothbrushes? While you certainly have the best of intentions regarding your dental hygiene and the products you choose, you may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. Rather than spending any more time trying to decide who… Read more »

Restorative Care: 5 Reasons To Show Up

Are you well aware that showing up for your restorative care visit is extremely important for your oral health – but you aren’t really sure why? Perhaps you think that you can wait a bit before your procedure, so you choose to cancel your appointment or hold off on scheduling it. While we can empathize… Read more »

5 Essential Products For A Clean Smile

When it comes to keeping your smile healthy, you may think that you just need a couple items in your bathroom. It’s true that the dental hygiene items you’re envisioning (a brush and toothpaste) are absolutely necessary. However, you may have forgotten about the all-important floss. Then again, you may be overlooking the fact that… Read more »