Cause And Effect: Yellow Teeth

causeeffectstreetsignWhen it comes to changes that embarrass patients, the shade of their teeth is often at the top of the list. There’s nothing like yellowed teeth to make one feel embarrassed or frustrated with an otherwise beautiful smile. In addition to causing confusion about why discoloration has occurred, it often makes quite a strong (negative) impact on a patient’s quality of life. Great news: We will be happy to explain what’s going on with your smile, help you avoid future problems, and take care of the current cosmetic issue with a treatment like teeth whitening. Learn more, so yellow teeth become a worry of the past.

Cause Of Yellow Teeth

If you have yellow teeth, something has left stains within the more superficial layer of your teeth. It’s important that you keep something in mind: Most of the things you consume may contribute to staining. So, even if you brush your teeth every day, the process of becoming older and using your smile to eat and drink can eventually lead to stains and a need for teeth whitening – don’t feel bad about it! As for yellowing that seems to occur quickly, the following culprits are common causes:

  • You use tobacco products
  • You consume a lot of very pigmented foods or beverages like coffee, berries, tea, dark sauces, deeply colored wines, and more

Effects And Response

Unfortunately, some patients feel the need to hide their smiles when speaking with others, to hide out from social events because of discolored teeth, and avoid engaging with others. Many feel that others will assume they don’t care for their smiles because of the discoloration. Rather than allow this to alter your quality of life, we suggest you receive teeth whitening or another cosmetic treatment from our practice to return your smile to a beautiful shade of white.